Friday, August 4, 2017

Thanks Possible

Great Swim Coach

I had to share this.  This young lady gave Possible this note on her last swim lesson of the summer  Possible Is so good an encouraging others and teaching.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pickle Finds Homeschool Football

We are so excited to have been introduced to this Homeschool Football team.  Pickle loves football and has asked to join a team for years.  We finally found one.  There were several boys from our Bread of Life Catholic Homeschool group that were going to join the team. We were not sure if it would work but decided to give it a try.  I keep saying that we can't do it because we are going to move north.  I committed to stay at least though November so that Pickle could have this chance.  
I am new to the football mom world.  I have so much to learn.  This is crazy.  We also needed equipment.  A friend game him some stuff for the first practice.  He would eventually learn what he needed and buy the right sizes but this was very exciting.

Some of the mom friends are super worried about injuries.  I am concerned but not that much.  J has a bad back because of football.  Maybe I should worry more.  I figure if he gets hurt we will deal with it.  He wants to play. 

I love that this kid comes with his own cheering section.

Sitting and waiting while he practices is killer.  It is so hot in Houston in August.  We are making an effort to keep him hydrated and prepared for practice.  WE can't wait to see an actual game.  I need to learn about the game.  GO LIONS!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mom's Allergy

I was thinking I was allergic to everything.  Princess even went with me so i wouldn't be alone if I had a lot of allergies.  Really I am kind of allergic to mold and a tree that only grows in Texas.  I am not that allergic to it though.  

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Coach Steve

One of the first activities we did as a family after moving to Texas was to join the Northampton Neighborhood Swim team.  We met so many people doing this.  I love that swim team is a family event.  We all go together and then different ages compete at the same event. There was a big BUT for us, we had never learned the strokes before our big Texas move.  The first year we seam Pooker was already in high school.  Everyone else in her age group had been swimming for years.  This was true for Goobers, Bear and Sugar.  Possible was young enough that she didn't start with a disadvantage.  These older kids made a decision to give it there all.  The coach that they had to work with was incredible.  He took each kid where they were and just encouraged them to do better.  He affectionately called each member of the T family Dani appropriately Little Dani 1, Little Dani 2 etc.  Every year when would announce another baby on the way he would be thrilled for us to have another Little Dani.  The Cuda sticker on our van didn't have each name on it but said "little Dani gang".  I know that my kids enjoyed that first swim team experience because of the devotion and kindness of Coach Steve.  

To be honest we were not the only ones that loved Coach Steve.  He had triplets that are Goober's age.  Coach and his family were known and loved by the community.  

Mr. Hinds always has a few swim team comics each year. These are always our favorite ones.  One of his coaches was based on our own coach Steve.  

We were all happy for them but sad for the Cuda's when Coach Steve and his family moved north. We have kept in touch over the years through Christmas cards and Facebook.  His last visit into town he came by for a quick visit.  My swimmers old and new were honored and excited. 

As often happen, Pooker said is best on Facebook:
"Soooo this guy came to town! One of my favorite coaches growing up. He helped our family feel welcomed and apart of the team/neighborhood. It is not easy joining a swim team at 13 with no experience, but he helped a lot! Still never mastered breaststroke, in-spite of all your bench practice sessions, but I did learn a lot about trying new things and community. Coach Steve, thanks for being a great part of our summers! So nice to see you!"

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Best Dad

The ground was so hot.  The temps were around 99 or 100 degrees F and with the humidity added in it was miserable outside.  The sun was beating down heating up all the concrete and the black tops. We decided to try to cool off at the pool.  I got the change to once again see why this guy is the best dad!   

The girls left their flip-flops at home by accident. J told them not to worry and carried them over the hot spots. He is such a good dad. It is these little things that make me still swoon when I watch. 

They never have to fear for the little things.  Their daddy has them taken care of.  He makes them work hard but loves and cares for them without reservation.  
The older ones are the same way.  They all know dad has got them.  When they need to talk, cry, or plan it is dad who they call.  Honestly I can say that he LIVES to be there for his kids.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Goober's Birthday

Pooker on Facebook:
"Here she is today. I looked for an old one, a super pretty one, my favorite one, but I went with this one. It's our GOOBERS obliging her sisters in our request that she wear her balloon and follow where we lead.
So, so glad this girl was brought to the world 23 years ago. I still remember hitting my head on a car mirror in the hospital parking lot on the way in to meet you. I. Was. So. Excited.
Your existence is one of my favorite things about life. You made me a big sister. You show me everyday how to be patient, kind and loving to others. I love you. I'm so glad you're alive. Happy Birthday! Here's to your best year yet!"
Pooker is so good with words!  Goobers day is here and her sisters are going to make it special for her.  

Everything was normal until Bear and Goobers decided to have a food fight!

I think Bear let Goobers win as a birthday gift.

In the end everyone was a mess.

There we go!!   Happy Birthday Goobers.